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Caroline Hudicourt / Book, 2007
Price: €10,00

Grandpa has 27 grandchildren, all who loved him, and shared the mangos he brought home every day. But grandpa was getting sick, losing his memory and the ability to even cut the mangos. Grandpa died, he will never be forgotten.

Picture... read more / more info

Miranda Haxhia / Book, 2007
Price: €15,30

Andy's family is moving to a new house. Each member of his family packs their favorite thing to bring along. Andy's favorite thing is the cherry tree in the backyard. But how can he bring that along? With his mothers' help, Andy finds out just... read more / more info

Olesya Tavadze / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

The story of two very different dogs that were friends-they played together, ate together and even slept together-until one day they had a disagreement and stopped being friends. Friendship wins out and they become friends again.

Written... read more / more info

Ivona Brezinova / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Everyone in Dorothy's family wears glasses except her. Does that mean she doesn't belong? She decides to solve this problem, with mixed results, and realizes that being different doesn't make her any less a part of her family.

Written by... read more / more info

Aude Brunel / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

A young narrator wonders what his parents do at work all day, and why they come home too tired to play or read stories. When they tell him, he decides that he will work, too, reminding his parents of the importance of fun.

Written by Aude... read more / more info

Rouzanna Baghdasaryan / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Moush is having a bad day so while hiding in the closet he decides to run away from home. During his preparation he remembers all the good things in his world and how important a place he has in it.

Written by Rouzanna Baghdasaryan (... read more / more info

Daiga Zake / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Jimmy learns that sharing oranges with his family and friends can have a surprising reward.

Written by Daiga Zake (Latvia)
Illustrated by Elena Stojanova (Macedonia)

Picture Book Preschool
8.25 x 6
Copyright 2007... read more / more info

Nenad Vujadinovic / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

When Ivan's parents find good jobs and the family moves from their small, crowded apartment to a new, spacious one, they realize that they've left something precious behind...

Written by Nenad Vujadinovic (Macedonia)
Illustrated by... read more / more info

Marie Carole Jeune / Book, 2010
Price: €0,00

Rita finds a young parrot in the garden and brings it home. The parrot learned to repeat everything Rita said, driving her parents crazy. Fearing her parents will force her to let the parrot go, Rita decides to run away with the parrot. The... read more / more info

Ghyslaine Rochelin / Book, 2010
Price: €0,00

Arielle is given a little coconut plant as a present. She plants the tree, watches it grow, bloom flowers and finally produces coconuts. A hurricane does major damage to many of the neighborhood plants including uprooting the coconut tree. The... read more / more info

Rouzanna Baghdasaryan / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Jonah is afraid of the dark. His brother tells Jonah that if he stops crying, he will give him his toy soldiers. Inspired by this offer, Jonah finds courage to explore the dark in his bedroom. He comforts a crying sister, faces the monsters in... read more / more info

Kh. Batkhuu / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

A young girl plays with and falls in love with her best friend Zulaa's doll. Wanting the doll all the time, she takes the doll home. Once she learns how badly Zulaa misses her doll, she returns the doll learning the importance of friendship.... read more / more info

Miranda Haxhia / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Mary's friends have beautiful dolls, but Mary has no money to buy one. With her mother's help, Mary creates a beautiful doll out of objects she finds in her house. But what will she use for the doll's nose? Mary... read more / more info

Valery Voskoboinikov / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Alex wants to buy his mother a birthday present, but all he has is a frying pan! He bangs on it with a street orchestra to earn money, but the musicians chase him away. When Alex fills his frying pan with soapy... read more / more info

Halya Kruk / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Yurchyk, the littlest member of the family, tries to be bigger by climbing on various things. He learns that he becomes bigger by doing something "big", not by being taller.

Written by Halya Kruk (Ukraine)
Illustrated by Manana... read more / more info

Ivona Brezinova / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Matthew lives in an orphanage. He wanted a dog. He received other gifts and things through the years - stuffed animals, toys, snails, even lice - but never a dog. One day Matthew was finally getting new parents, and what did the parents have for... read more / more info

Laura Liliom / Book, 2007
Price: €0,00

Her best friend has moved far away to another country. She is still her best friend. They call, write letters, think about each other, remember each other's favorite food and plan one day to visit.

Written by Laura Liliom (Hungary)
... read more / more info