Our Partners

ISSA receives generous financial support from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), and over the years it has developed a close cooperation with OSF in several program areas. More than fifteen years after it was established, ISSA continues to build upon the substantial investment and success of OSF's Step by Step Program and upon the vibrant network and movement resulting from the program, with the aim of improving the lives of children and their chances for success in life. ISSA has grown to become the pre-eminent early childhood development network in Europe and Central Asia.

ISSA is proud to have developed successful partnerships with other major international organizations, donors, and networks working in the area of early childhood development, including UNICEF, UNESCO, the World Bank,  Utopa Foundation, Diversity in Early Childhood Education and Training (DECET), IBM, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Education, Eurochild, the World Forum Foundation, the European Early Childhood Education Research Association, La Bottega Di Geppetto, UNA, International Child Development Initiatives, the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium, the Council for Exceptional Children, Children in Europe, Cooperation for the Development of Emerging Countries, and Sardes Educational Services.

In partnership with its member organizations ISSA has successfully implemented several projects funded by the European Commission, focusing on integration, inclusion, multilingualism, second language learning and education for social justice. Among the most successful ones is the “Effective Teaching and Learning for Minority Language Children in Pre-school”, implemented by members from Slovakia and Estonia and included in the European Commission’s brochure, "Creativity and Innovation - Best Practice from EU Programmes".

ISSA is open to exploring new partnerships and is eager to engage in joint initiatives that aim to strengthen democracy, encourage active civic participation, promote quality teaching, and celebrate diversity and inclusion.