Program Committee

The Program Committee is a consultative body among ISSA’s governance bodies that guides ISSA’s programmatic operations. On specific issues such as Peer Support, Member Exchanges, Technical Assistance and general framework for ISSA meetings with professional content, the Program Committee is also a decision-making body. 

The members of the Committee work closely to assure the continuity and coherence of the programs implemented by ISSA, preserving the association's mission and values and strengthening ISSA's reputation as a leading organization in the field.

Chair: Dr. Mihaela Ionescu, Program Director

Sanja Brajkovic, Open Academy Step by Step/Croatia

Anke van Keulen – Bureau Mutant, the Netherlands

Mehnaz Aziz – Children’s Global Network, Pakistan

Gerda Sula, Qendra Hap pas Hapi, Step by Step Albania

Chris de Kimpe, BVJK, Belgium

Ulviya Mikailova, Centre for Innovation in Education, Azerbaijan