Quality Framework for Birth to Three Services

A Quality Framework for Early Childhood Practices in Services for Children under Three Years Old, is an ISSA publication addressing this special period of life. A useful tool for anyone working with children under three, and for families.

Roads to Quality believes practitioners working in early childhood development services play a key role, as they are seen as agents of change. For this reason investment in their professionalism is crucial and ISSA has developed this road map to promote their learning.

Resource Modules for Home Visitors

Together, UNICEF and ISSA have developed a set of Resource Modules for Home Visitors intended to better equip home visitors with the latest knowledge and tools to support and engage with the families of young children.

ISSA Quality Principles

Competent Educators of the 21st Century: Principles of Quality Pedagogy is a policy document that defines quality teaching practices in working with children from 3 to 10 years old, and their families, to better support the child's development and well-being.  

Quality Resource Pack

The culmination of many years of work in defining and promoting quality pedagogy, ISSA’s Quality Resource Pack addresses the needs of early childhood education systems to set up a quality framework

Guidebooks and Tools

Building Opportunities in Early Childhood from the Start - A Teacher's Guide to Good Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Services

Studies, Reports, Books

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) for children from disadvantaged backgrounds: Findings from a European literature review and two case studies

Reading Corner Kits

ISSA has created three Activity Kits to accompany selected groups of Reading Corner books.  The Kits offer teachers, parents, and caregivers guidance on the most efficient ways to engage children in exciting and meaningful learning, using books as a starting point for inquiry and action.