The Romani Early Years Network (REYN) is a Europe-wide leading advocacy network that promotes professionalism in early years, access of Romani and Traveller children to quality early childhood development (ECD) services and more diversity in the ECD workforce, including a better representation of Romani and Traveller professionals. We share knowledge, promote best practices, train practitioners and work with our members to achieve quality and equitable early childhood services.

We believe that by leveraging the EU attention and funding we can make a positive difference for children. 

Concretely we make the case for the need to include early childhood education and care (ECEC) for children, birth to six years old, in the annual monitoring of the National Roma Integration Strategies by the European Commission (DG Justice).

Together with various key partners we support and monitor the work done by the different EU directorates (DG Justice, DG Employment and DG Education and Culture) on Romani and Travellers children.

At the same time we work with our National Networks to improve local services and increase diversity in the workforce at the national level. REYN advocates for pro-diversity policies and cooperates with local partners to develop strategies to attract more Roma in the ECD workforce. 

REYN is coordinated by ISSA and supporterd by Open Society Foundations.

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