ISSA Conference 2017

03/10/2017 to 06/10/2017

ISSA’s 2017 international conference “Local Responses, Global Advances: Towards Competent Early Childhood Systems”, attracted over 450 participants from 60 countries from around the world. Visitors gathered to discuss how the speed of change in today’s world affects early childhood development. It requires substantial shifts in the ways early childhood systems are designed, equipped, governed, financed and supported. It is time to embrace a systemic approach to address the critical problems that hinder children’s and families’ rights, and to learn from local responsive approaches to build competent early childhood systems. 

Watch the video with all the highlights:

The conference united the knowledge and practice of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, donors and NGOs from around the world to explore themes through discussions and interactive sessions, while participants shared their insights and solutions.

We are pleased to also offer the recordings of the plenary sessions: Jan Peeters' keynote speech " What makes competent early childhood systems perform?" Nora Miloray's keynote speech " Competent early childhood systems in the EU" and the panel discussion "the role of local policies in early childhood education" moderated by Michel VandenBroeck.

Co-organized alongside the City of Ghent and ISSA member VBJK, and in partnership with the Artevelde University College and the University of Ghent, the conference was very well received by our participants. We want to thank everyone who has joined us to make it a success!

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