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Hap pas Hapi Center (HPH Center)

Photograph of interior of classroomThe mission of the Hap pas Hapi Center (HPH Center) is to model and disseminate the democratic principles in Albanian Early Childhood Education while paying special attention to social and minority ethnic group settings. HPH Center aims to be an agent of change in the major process of integrating the Albanian School into the European System of Education, and to help the community recognize their own values in facing and promoting the democratic changes to the benefit of their children and themselves.

The main activities of the HPH Center include:

  • Consultation, training and technical assistance on Early Childhood Development for caregivers, teachers, parents, faculty members and students.
  • Ongoing professional development for SbS teachers and specialist in order to continually increase the quality of care and education offered by the program.
  • Promoting professional information sharing through publication of child-centered literature for professionals at the creche, preschool, primary and higher education levels.
  • Evaluation and accreditation for SbS and other child-centered kindergartens and primary schools.

Albanian professionals began implementing the Step by Step program in Albania in 1994. Currently, in 2002, the Step by Step network includes 108 preschool and 120 primary school classrooms, reaching over 10,000 children and their families in 9 districts. Teachers receive training in child-centered methods at 7 model preschool training sites and 4 Teacher Preparation Faculties; in 2001 over 1,100 professionals received SbS child-centered training. The program has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science as an alternative methodology for preschool and as an experimental methodology for primary school. The HPH Center is improving teaching methods, school management and administration, student and teacher evaluation, and community attitudes towards preschool and school for young children in Albania.

HPH Center cooperates with:

  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Local Education Authorities
  • Institute of Pedagogical Studies and Teacher Preparation Universities
  • UNICEF Albania
  • Plan International
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Albanian Reading Association
  • Save the Children Albania