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Step by Step Czech Republic

Photograph of three children stacking blocksStep by Step Czech Republic is a non-profit organization that was established in 1994 as a center for continuous development and implementation of the Step by Step Program as well as other projects that focus on reform of the system of education and development of civil society.

SBS-Czech Republic provides training opportunities for professional enrichment to in-service, pre-service teachers as well as faculty in universities and teacher training institutions. SbS-CR has gained accreditation from the Ministry of Education for the further education of teachers and accreditation for verification of the quality of educational programs in SbS pre-schools and primary schools.


Step by Step Czech Republic supports the development of democratic society, improvement of quality and access to life-long education and motivates individual persons and communities to build a tolerant, multicultural society.

Program Areas:

  • Step by Step - child centered teacher methodology for preschool and primary school
  • Inclusion and integration - children and teenagers with specific needs (minority groups, children with special needs)
  • On-going professional development for teachers and faculty
  • Publishing for children, parents and teachers


The basic products of SbS _R are four interdependent programs that are fulfilled and realized by the following services:

  • Trainings, seminars, summer schools
  • Technical, organizational and methodological support to teachers, schools and adminstrators
  • Publishing

Current Projects

  • Step by Step Preschool Project
  • Step by Step Primary School Project
  • Step by Step Higher Education Project
  • Children with Special Educational Needs Project
  • Region Training Site Project
  • Step by Step Roma Initiative Project
  • Children´s Web publishing Project
  • Teachers for Democracy Project
  • Antibias Education for all Project


The Step by Step Czech Republic network includes 45 kindergartens, 36 mainstream schools, 6 special schools and 5 pedagogical faculties evenly distributed all over Czech Republic.

Through this network the SBS Program Foundation supports 12586 children in total, including 1335 children with disabilities and minority children.


There are six full-time employees working in the Step by Step office and a lot of consultants All team members are experienced and good professionals in their field of work.

Step by Step involves 4 Master Teacher Trainers, 10 faculty teachers who train preschool and primary student teachers in the pedagogical faculties, 15 preschool teacher trainers and 19 primary teacher trainers who are well prepared to conduct training in various Step by Step modules.


In order the organization purposes to be more successfully fulfilled, Step by Step Czech Republic work in cooperation with governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations from country and abroad. Some of the our partners are:

  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Czech Republic
  • Open Society Foundation - Prague
  • Open Society Institute - New York
  • Socrates National Agency Prague
  • RWCT - Critical Thinking NGO
  • NGO Resource Centers
  • New school Foundation Prague