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Ec-Pec Foundation

Ec-Pec Foundation was established in February 2001 with the intention of promoting the child-centered Step by Step pedagogical program in institutions (preschools, schools) educating disadvantaged children, and supporting program development in educational institutions already using the program.

Ec-Pec Foundation’s Programs

All ongoing programs and those planned for the future have the common mission of helping roma children achieve school success. Our experience and research results show that social disadvantage automatically leads to disadvantage in the classroom, and that the initial setbacks eventually lead to students falling so far behind their peers that they have no chance of catching up with them. We believe that social disadvantage does not affect ability; it only limits possibilities. The child-centered approach and the selection of the appropriate method present a feasible solution. We consider it one of our responsibilities to help our affiliate institutions in creating an environment and pedagogical ambiance conducive to progress, since we are well aware of the fact that the issue involves more than methodology. We base all our initiatives on the assumption that improvement cannot occur without the active participation of those involved.

We know that we cannot complete this job on our own, so we seek the cooperation of teachers, parents, students, municipalities, labor organizations, representatives of the public sphere and other organizations with similar visions.

Our foundation introduced the Step by Step training program into the system of Hungarian in-service teacher training. Our long-term goal is to provide up-to-date training programs that take the teachers’ needs and the institutions’ developmental programs into consideration. Therefore we continue to improve the Step by Step methodology and to enrich it with new elements. Our trainings are conducted by twenty highly qualified educators (who are also active teachers). In order to maintain high professional standards we place special emphasis on ongoing training for our trainers.

Our Training Programs

60 hours of basic Step by Step training for:

  • preschool
  • grade 1 and 2
  • grade 3 and 4 teachers

30 hour long (thematic) trainings related to the Step by Step program:

  • Project planning: use of activity centers in the child-centered classroom. Ways to integrate subject matter.
  • Differentiation – cooperative learning and peer assistance.
  • Child observation and ongoing evaluation – alternative methods.
  • Global reading and writing – the creative writing process (development of critical thinking).
  • Project related work processes in teaching mathematics.
  • Natural sciences – learning by experience and use of the research log.

Further Training Programs:

Anti-bias training
Our foundation represents Hungary as a full member in the International Step by Step Association (ISSA), an organization with members in 28 countries worldwide.
We also joined ISSA’s quality management program in order to ensure high standards in implementing the Step by Step program and high quality job performance by educators and trainers.

We started to establish a national network of model schools and regional centers. The national network was created in order to decentralize our training programs, thereby creating a training, information and professional support system that can easily meet local needs.

Step by Step for Critical Thinking Association

Our foundation played an active role in establishing the Step by Step for Critical Thinking Association, which provides ongoing professional support for educators, a forum for discussing and sharing ideas, and supports new initiatives and the creation of professional groups.
This association promotes both the Step by Step Program and the Program for Critical Thinking. This latter provides a continuation in upper grades of the Step by Step program. Thus our foundation in cooperation with the association is able to provide a pedagogical, methodological reform program for public educational institutions intending to remodel their teaching practices from the preschool level through grade 8 (intermediate).

Our Projects

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