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Foundation for Education Initiatives Support - Step by Step Program

Photograph of teacher and three students The Foundation for Education Initiatives Support - Step by Step Program is an non-governmential and non-profit organization, it was established to assist the process of reformation of education in Kyrgyzstan. It aims to support different innovative ideas and changes, which help to democratize education and acknowledge the rights of children and their families. The program gives opportunities and rights to education for all children, thier families and community members.


photograph of seven students in classroomThe Mission of the Foundation for Education Initiatives Support - Step by Step Program is to introduce child-oriented teaching methods in preschools and primary and comprehensive schools, provides education access for the children from families of national minorities and refugees, children with disabilities and also gives assistance to development of the civic society. The Foundation has an agreement about colaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture and licence giving the right to carry out chargeable teaching.

The activity of the center is aimed to:

  • realization of the project PEAKS (USAID)
  • work on the project "Integrated development of children and preparation for school", supporting by UNICEF and OSI
  • expansion of the program
  • supporting the training centers on the program
  • teacher training for preschools and primary schools
  • realization of the program in SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Kyrgyzstan
  • attemts to develop partnership ties with organizations, connected with education and upbringing
  • making up the system of different forms of training teachers of all the levels (pre-schools, primary schools, comprehensive schools and universities)
  • involving the community members in solving different problems at places
  • demonstration of the effective model of teaching
  • cooperation of educational establishments with families and community members
  • development and support of the training centers

Our partners:

Save the Children UK
Ministry of Education and Culture
Pedagogical university and college
SOS Kinderdorf
CIMERA Switzerland

Our history:

The program started its activity in 1995 with 7 kindergardens and now it has been implemented in:
37 kindergartens,
31 preschools,
57 schools
4 teacher training institutions.

In order to make the program accessable in different regions 11 training centers are working on the base of
Kindergarten # 10 "Orlyonok" Djalal Abad
Kindergarten #2 "Beriozka" Tokmok
Pre-school #61 Bishkek
Kindergarten #8 "Ak-Tilek"
Comprehensive school #7 Naryn
Comprehensive school #11 Karakol
Comprehensive school #19 Djalal-Abad
Comprehensive school #69 Bishkek
Comprehensive school #16 Osh
Department of preschool and primary school technologies of the Institute of Pedagogy and psycology of KSPU named by Arabaeva
Department of primary school methods Osh State University