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Mongolian Education Alliance, Step by Step Program

In 2002 the Step by Step program became part of newly established educational NGO consisting of educational programs of the Mongolian Education Alliance, Step by Step Program. The Strategic Plan is currently under development.

Mission of this professional, non- governmental organization

"To support the professional strengthening of Mongolian schools, teachers and students in their capacity to continuously innovate and reform education system in accordance to open society values, in being active players in fostering social development of their communities"


  • To provide professional development services to its member schools and teachers.
  • To act as a professional policy think tank as well as professional stakeholder in the policy development and revision process of the Ministry of Education by
    • Supporting new educational policies and laws related to the preschool and secondary school education that correspond with promoting student centered learning, community participation, transparency and accountability in the school system.
    • Supporting current revision of educational standards to be based on experiences of existing school and educational reform projects in teaching methods and content, critical thinking skills and community involvement, endorse debate as an optional curriculum subject etc.
  • To demonstrate good practices-models of schooling through its educational reform projects
  • To increase open and equal access to and quality of educational information and resources, especially in rural areas
  • To develop networking of all stakeholders
  • To document and evaluate program impact against baseline indicators/ qualitative assessment
  • To encourage local initiatives fostering civic participation in social development
  • To promote sustainability of the project initiatives and fundraising

Step by Step program priority areas will be as followings:

1. Policy support - development of key policies and standards that reflect SBS philosophy and practices in preschool and primary education, development of policy papers on inclusive education

2. Institutionalization of Step by Step concepts - pre-service: SBS is collaborating with Teacher training College in revising and improving pre-service teacher education course curriculum. In-service: SBS training modules will be delivered to in-service training system by national trainers who will be certified by Ministry of Education.

3. Network of open, democratic schools that demonstrate quality education services

4. Outreach of the program - to increase access to preschool education services for children who is not attending kindergarten, increase resource materials for them and their parents

The Step by Step methodology is active in 267 classroom in 53 kindergartens and 30 primary classrooms in 19 schools. About 10,000 children and their parents are involved in child-centered programs throughout the country. 300 teachers implementing the program deliver the concepts of child-centered methodology to over 1,355 kindergarten teachers through in-service training. 25 teachers and instructors are trained as National Step by Step trainers.