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Pedagogical Centre of Montenegro

Photograph of three studentsThe mission of the Pedagogical Centre of Montenegro is to inform Montenegrin educational circles on the changes taking place in the field of education all over the world, as well as to prepare for their adoption, adaptation and implementation in our educational system. The Pedagogical Center of Montenegro promotes the fundamental value of the creation of a democratic society through the establishment of a democratic educational system through by active participation in the process of educational reforms in Montenegro. We are a bridge to innovation in education, by introducing the latest developments in teaching, educational programmes, and reference literature.

The Pedagogical Center of Montenegro is a non-governamental organization established in November 2000. The center implements the Step by Step program through teacher training and education reform efforts for preschool, primary school, inclusive classrooms, and Roma children, as well as implementing the program called Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking. The Center also offers ongoing professional training for principals and school administrators as part of the "Creating Democratic Schools" initiative.

Education Reform: The Pedagogical Center of Montenegro cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Science of Montenegro and provides expert help for the Educational Reform in Montenegro. All experts working with the Pedagogical Center of Montenegro are members of the Expert Commissions for Education Reform. Seven of the ten members of the preschool commission and eight of the fifteen members of the primary school commission are involved in the Step by Step program in various ways. In addition, the reform document titled "The Book of Changes of the Education System in Montenegro" incorporates all of the major policies and key principles of the Step by Step program.

The Step by Step Program in Montenegro started at the pre-school level in September 1994, at primary school level in February 2000, and has since added initiatives in inclusive education for children with special needs (2001) and equal education for Roma children (2001). The program goal is to create a new child centered teaching process and a teaching process tailored to mental and physical abilities of each child. The program implies the education of teaching personnel, provision of model classrooms with new teaching material and didactic accessories.

In Montenegro Step by Step Program is being carried out in:

32 kindergartens - 142 classrooms
21 primary schools - 110 classrooms
1 Roma Step by Step Site - 3 classrooms
1 kindergarten for inclusive education - 2 classrooms

Other initiatives and partners: Our extensive and comprehensive programs are a very good basis for co-operation with other programs and international organisations working in the same field, including:

  • Save the Children Fund UK - "Inclusive Education Project"
  • Save the Children Fund USA - "Refuge Project"
  • Catholic Relief Services - "Parent Councils Project"
  • UNICEF - "Active Learning Project".
  • British Council - "Creating Democratic Schools"
  • World Forum for Early Childhood Education - National representative
  • International Bureau for Children Rights - National representative