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"Step by Step" Center for Education and Professional Development

C.E.D.P. logoThe Centre for Education and Professional Development (CEDP) is a non-governmental organization that was formed in 1998 to continue operating the Step by Step program, which was first implemented in Romania in 1994. CEDP is a member of the Soros Open Network committed to the promotion of democratic principles in education and child protection.

CEDP provides teachers, parents, and professionals from the child protection network and educational development with access to state-of-the-art training and technical assistance. CEDP specializes in consultancy to local authorities, NGOs and individuals, offering training, conferences, web based resources, and creating and promoting specialized magazines. CEDP aims to:

  • assist and help develop the existing training centers
  • engage local communities in dialogue with the government on their need for high quality infant and toddler care and education services
  • develop local partnerships in order to assure local capacity and ownership;
  • initiate, develop and support partnerships and networking in order to create its own capacity for financial self sustainability
  • function as a resource center in the field of child protection (focusing on 0-3 age group)
  • function as a resource center for all schools interested in implementing child centered methodologies for creches, preschool, primary school, lower secondary school and Pedagogical Institutes by supporting self sustainable Model Training Centers

Since its inception, CEDP has provided training in child-centered teaching methods to over 950 preschool and 600 primary school teachers, through workshops operated by a network of 18 model training centers, and has trained 62 faculty members at 22 universities and teacher training institutes. Currently 10 creches, 763 preschool classrooms and 326 primary school classrooms operate the Step by Step program, reaching over 27,000 children and their families, including 800 children with disabilities, 800 Roma children, and close to 2,000 children from other minority groups. CEDP also focuses on assuring a smooth transition for children from the child centered primary grades to the 5th grade.

CEDP holds publication rights for all Step by Step materials in Romania, including 9 methodologies; 50 training modules on different topics such as inclusion children with disabilities, parenting, and advocacy; 9 higher education courses and curricular materials; 4 standards and assessment tools; and 4 individual assessment books for primary education. All materials were translated and printed in order to support the activities developed throughout the country.

Among the local partners with whom CEDP collaborates are the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Family and Health, the National Authority for Child Protection and Adoption, the County School Inspectorates, the County Child Protection Departments and Public Health Departments, and City Halls. Support is also provided by many foreign entities, including UNICEF, USAID and OSI.