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All-Russia Foundation for Education Development “Soobschestvo”
(Step by Step Russia)

Photograph of teacher and studentsThe Russian Foundation for Education Development “Soobschestvo” (RFED “Soobschestvo”), a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization was established in November, 1998. The organization was founded to conduct the network program Step by Step. This initiative was supported by federal and regional educational authorities, state universities and teacher training/retraining institutions which became the organization founders.

With time, objectives of RFED “Soobschestvo” have broadened and in addition to implementation of its major educational program- Step by Step –it started to participate in other educational state and international programs. The organization has become recognized as an important player in the Russian non-governmental educational field.

The mission of RFED “Soobschestvo” consists in the support and development of educational projects and initiatives that promote modernization and reform of the national educational system, with a final goal of ensuring equal access to high-quality education for all children, which is currently prioritized by the Russian Ministry of Education.

The following assets support RFED “Soobschestvo” in fulfilling its mission: (1) the unique Step by Step methodology, (2) a broad network of educational pre-school and primary institutions who implement the program, (3) an efficient team of professionals offering training and support to teachers and other educators, parents and communities, educational establishments and policy makers, (4) efficient and evolving partnership with the federal and regional level educational authorities.

RFED “Soobschestvo” operates through a head office in St. Petersburg, a Moscow affiliate, and 11 associated NGOs spread across Russia. Apart from the permanent personnel, consisting of competent administrators and professional educators, RFED “Soobschestvo” maintains a team of highly-qualified Master Teacher Trainers that have received extensive training abroad.

RFED “Soobschestvo” holds a state educational license. In 1998 the Ministry of Education awarded the Russian Step by Step pre-school program with the official status of an ‘alternative’ program.

According to the latest statistical data collected by the organization, the Step by Step program is being implemented in more than 30 regions of the Russian Federation (120 cities and towns). The program serves more than 2,200 preschool classrooms (58,300 children) and over 700 primary classrooms (19,250 students).

RFED “Soobschestvo” is one of the National Members of the International Step by Step Association (ISSA). The Foundation holds ISSA’s exclusive license on the right to implement Step by Step program on the territory of Russia. The two organizations developed firm and efficient professional relationship, collaborating both in the framework of various international educational projects and internal Step by Step programs.