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Centre for Interactive Pedagogy (CIP: Centar za interaktivnu pedagogiju)

Stpe by Step drawingThe Center for Interactive Pedagogy (CIP) is NGO citizens’ association established 1998 in Belgrade, for the purpose of offering additional alternatives and democratic formal and non-formal educational practice forms. CIP gathers competent professionals from all over Yugoslavia who are interested in promoting, supporting, developing and implementing interactive educational methods in teaching practice and educational research. CIP’s expert core staff consider, develop and implement projects, programs, seminars, research and publications. CIP is a membership organization with an annual general assembly.

The Step by Step (SBS) project was the first CIP project, inherited from Institute of Pedagogy. It has been developed in several towns, having in 2000 one preschool Training center, 13 Roma and 1 Refugee sites, and a network of Higher Education SBS experts from different Faculties and Colleges. SBS program areas developed in Serbia are the Birth-Three, Preschool, and Higher Education components. In 2000 more than 90% SBS activities in Serbia were dedicated to the Roma population.

In the two years since CIP’s establishment, the organization has introduced other programs. In 2000, together with International Reading Association and OSI-NY, CIP began to implement the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking project in Serbia. CIP has also developed two projects of our own: The "Non white-non black" anti-bias project, and a non-formal education program for Roma, "Kindergarten adapted to the needs of local community."

In addition to Step by Step and other program activities, CIP has delivered seminars and follow-up assistance to several international organizations. CIP has cooperated with Save the Children Fund, Catholic Relief Services and UNICEF. Seminars have been tailored to meet the needs of various projects, including helping the process of opening Children’s Centers in Serbia; opening Montessori preschools; and working for the inclusion of children and adults with special needs coming to Center for social work.

The Center for Interactive Pedagogy also publishes basic preschool SBS methodologies and higher education courses, and has developed and published its own training manuals ("Team work in education," "Interactive teaching methods," and "Partnership in education"). In 2000, CIP published 5 brochures translated for various reference groups (for example, materials have been translated and published in English, Roma and Serbian languages).


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