Training practitioners and health workers in Serbia

The seminar was organized in partnership with the Association for Public Health Serbia, the Institute for Public Health Belgrade and UNICEF Serbia under the project “Support to Early Childhood Development trough strengthening capacities of home visiting system and home visiting nurses in Belgrade”.

The Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation and UNICEF deliver training benefitting children in war zones

The Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation (USSF) and UNICEF present the results of their project “Kindergarten – environment friendly to a child”. Over 2500 pedagogues working with children in war zones were trained.

AFLATOUN conference on early childhood education in the Ukraine

ISSA member AFLATOUN started their early years programme Aflatot to strengthen the early childhood education in Ukraine. The focus on Early Childhood Education in the Ukraine has been growing and improving over the last few years, thanks to the relentless efforts of committed educators and the leadership of the Ministry of Education.

Six REYN members at World Forum Foundation event in New Zealand

ISSA attended the World Forum on Early Education and Care. Through the Romani Early Years Network we closely cooperate to develop the leadership benefiting the children and families from the disadvantaged groups in Europe, namely the Roma, Travellers and migrants.

Children’s natural curiosity – the basis for the Children’s International Press Centre: Engaged participation from the home and the classroom to the world around

Children’s vibrant curiosity about the world around them becomes evident – in their exploring fingers and rapt gaze – even before they can speak. Once the words begin to come, questions and observations tumble out at a tempo that adults find hard to keep pace with.