Children’s natural curiosity – the basis for the Children’s International Press Centre: Engaged participation from the home and the classroom to the world around

Children’s vibrant curiosity about the world around them becomes evident – in their exploring fingers and rapt gaze – even before they can speak. Once the words begin to come, questions and observations tumble out at a tempo that adults find hard to keep pace with.

SOFT Tulip achieves major breakthrough for early intervention in Ukraine

This month’s Member in Focus is Eric Bloemkolk, Director of SOFT Tulip Foundation. SOFT Tulip is a small organization with a huge network. This network includes seven major service providers and 25,000 people. They’ve offered their training services in Moldova, Serbia, Hungary and, most recently, have big news from Ukraine.

Investment in the early years highlighted at World Bank roundtable

ISSA Member, Center for Education and Professional Development (CEPD) was represented by Radu Enache, former Managing Director and Administrator of Hewlett Packard Romania, at the Roundtable on Investing in the Early Years: Identifying Synergies and Catalyzing Action.

International conference: “Early Intervention: from theory to practice” in Russia, registration open

ISSA member, Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences "Biological and Social Foundations of Inclusion" center, is a research and education center based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They are organizing a flagship event on early intervention in June 13-23, 2017.

Parwaan Pakistan is gearing up youth social entrepreneurship and early childhood care and education

26/04/2017- Parwaan National Centre of Excellence on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) organized an open house event ‘Parwaan Ka Karawaan’ to celebrate the success of its flagship youth social entrepreneurship and early childhood care and education program.

Romani Early Years: Status Quo 2017 roundtable meeting

06/04/2017 - The Romani Early Years: Status Quo 2017 meeting is a joint event hosted by the Romani Early Years Network, the Forum for Roma Inclusion and the European Public Health Alliance. The meeting will bring together Brussels-based civil society organizations, foundations and representatives of the European Commission to discuss steps toward increased access to quality early childhood education and care for Romani children.

ISSA elects new board members

ISSA is proud to welcome five new board members in 2017. In March, Leslie Falconer from the USA, Henriette Heimgaertner from Germany, Elena Misik from the Republic of Macedonia, Jan van Ravens from the Netherlands and Jeroen Aarssen from the Netherlands were elected to the governing Board of Directors. 

Members of the Board of Directors serve for a three-year term and are elected by the ISSA membership, which to date counts 71 organisations.