Date: 03-07-2018

NEWS - ISSA shows a strong commitment to Nurturing Care

What is the role of civil society to support policymakers and communities in implementing the Nurturing Care Framework in Europe and Central Asia? A recent webinar from ISSA urged participants to ask themselves this question in the months after the release of the Nurturing Care Framework for Early Childhood Development (NCF).

The NCF builds upon leading evidence of how child development unfolds and the effective policies and interventions that can improve early childhood development. While the Framework is a road map for action in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) field, it is up to those working across sectors to determine their roles in its implementation. As the NCF gives an impetus for action across the globe, ISSA also recognizes the strong efforts already taking place in Europe and Central Asia, and beyond, to support Nurturing Care for young children.

'ISSA’s own beliefs about what best supports holistic development of young children are very much aligned with those embodied in the Nurturing Care Framework,' says ISSA's Executive Director, Liana Ghent. 'Our work in recent years followed the pathway of promoting cross-sectoral work and coordination among services and agencies, with a particular focus on strengthening the quality of the workforce and cross-sectoral policies. Young children have the right to good health and nutrition, safety and security, responsive caregiving and early learning experiences. That is why, at ISSA, we are committed to further promoting Nurturing Care as an overarching framework for early childhood policies and programs.'

This commitment to promoting the NCF is emphasized in several resources that put Nurturing Care in the spotlight. ISSA’s Quality Framework for Early Childhood Practice in Services for Children under Three Years of Age promotes a culture of quality among the early childhood workforce. Grounded in research and practice-informed evidence, the Framework shares recommended practices within 31 principles and nine areas of practice. It represents an invitation for dialogue among professionals from all sectors and a common foundation for close cooperation.

The UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Office and ISSA developed training resource modules, entitled Supporting Families for Nurturing Care, are intended to better equip home visitors with the latest knowledge and tools to encourage nurturing relationships between caregivers and young children. These modules have been featured as supplemental reading alongside the NCF.


To learn more about the NCF, visit the website here