Date: 09-04-2024

The PIQET project launches quality principles for the professional development of educators

The PIQET consortium developed a set of nine quality principles for the recruitment, selection, training, and support of CPD educators.


Date: 24-01-2024

Training module and guidebook developed to facilitate soft transitions from ECEC settings to primary school

Transition Is our Mission aims to provide guidance for improved transitions for children moving from preschool to school.

Date: 20-12-2023

Complementing primary education with practical and Social-Emotional Learning activities in Kosovo

ISSA Member Balkan Sunflowers Kosova’s complementary year-round curriculum encourages practical and Socio-Emotional Learning activities.

Elements and Pathways to Establish Professional Learning Communities for Early Childhood Professionals

In the dynamic landscape of early childhood professional development, the traditional, one-size-fits-all approaches have proven insufficient, often disconnected from the real-world context in which professionals operate.
Date: 28-11-2023

Fostering Peace and Democracy in Classrooms

ISSA Member Center for Educational Initiatives hosts 14th Regional Conference of the Community of Innovative Teachers  in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Date: 22-11-2023

New Analysis Examines the Current Recruitment and Professional Development Practices for CPD Educators

New analysis released under the PIQET consortium sheds light on professionals delivering in-service Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for professionals in centers and schools.

Date: 24-10-2023

ISSA welcomes a new Member in Tajikistan: Nuri Hidoyat

Nuri Hidoyat, is a non-governmental organization in Tajikistan which works to ensure that every child has access to quality, holistic and inclusive care and education. 

Date: 23-10-2023

Meet new ISSA Member, Think Equal — a global initiative focused on Social and Emotional Learning

Think Equal is a global non-profit charity that aims to achieve a global system change in education through Social and Emotional Learning.

Date: 22-06-2023

Thrive by Five: Unlocking the Power of Advocacy to Reform Early Childhood Policy

In Australia, Minderoo Foundation is attempting to make our era's most significant educational, social, and economic reform. 

Date: 13-06-2023

UNESCO Webinar on Teacher Leadership in Kazakhstan

ISSA Member Community Educational Foundation "School for All" took part in this webinar held by UNESCO in Almaty in May 2023.