Supporting the Early Development of Children in Informal Roma Settlements

The practice Supporting the early development of children in informal Roma settlements aims to improve the social inclusion of children aged birth to six and their families. The Know How Centre organizes activities aimed at enriching Roma parents' skills living in settlements to provide quality opportunities for their children to develop and learn and at enhancing the competencies of professionals working with young children.

Health and hygiene interventions targeting Roma families with children aged 0-1 years

In Macedonia, Governmental prevention programs for reproductive and child health are offered. In those programs, it is also included the program for active protection of the mother and children.

Distribution of emergency educational kits for children in remote locations, enrolled in our alternative access to quality early education services, which were interrupted due to the pandemic

The Trust for Social Achievement Foundation – Bulgaria has been engaged since the onset of the pandemic in Bulgaria in searching for appropriate mechanisms to support the learning process for disadvantaged children, particularly those who face challenges to participate in the online distance learning, as well as those in remote or underserved locations for whom early learning and care programs were interrupted.

We have partnered with several business and with our network of partners from the local communities to provide equipment (laptops, PCs) for children in need. 

An Integrated Approach to Educational Inclusion: Support for Early Development in Preventing Early Leaving/Drop-Out of Roma Children from the Education System

Full Title: Integralno dićhipe sićimašće inkluzijako: ažutipe rane barjarimasko ande funkcija e prevencijako katar o inklistipe andar o sićimasko sistemo ke rromane čhavorra, Integrisani pristup obrazovnoj inkluziji: podrška ranom razvoju u funkciji prevencije napušta

Outreach Work in Support to ECD of Children from Marginalized Groups-Manual for Organizations & Outreach Workers

The manual for organizations and outreach workers - Establishing and Management of Outreach Work in Support to Early Childhood Development of Children from Marginalized Groups is a result of the project "Supporting the Early Childhood Development of children from marginalized groups in Novi Sad"

Roma Empowerment and Support for Inclusion – Case study Belfast, Northern Ireland

The case study of  the Roma Community Outreach (RCO) project in Belfast, Northern Ireland  features the potential of small scale community based interventions and the need to have strong anti-discrimination, social justice and peace-building components when working on Roma inclusion.