"Tell me"

A combilation of videos addressed to families and ECD professionals, that aim at explaining the developmental stages of the child and how we can support children's holistic development and autonomy.

Childeas - Tiny Little Thoughts

With the project “ZAMISLICE” (CHILDEAS – Tiny Little Thoughts), ISSA member from Slovenia, Mala Ulica  wished to acquaint all new parents with the importance of early interactions. They provided parents with a pendant that can also serve as a pram mobile – a small, but important gadget that offers 30 handy cards with ideas for simple activities with babies which promote the child's overall development, anywhere, any time. In addition to description of a concrete activity, each card contains a brief explanation of why this activity is important and how it will foster child development.

Play in everyday life

During the lockdown, the Child Development Institute at Ilia State University continued its activities by providing services at the distance. All distance interventions included parents or other family members.

Calendar with ideas for the family activities

Calendar with ideas for the family was developed by the Center for Interactive Pedagogy as an immediate response to COVID-19 pandemic. The resource was developed with the ultimate aim to support parents/caregivers in organizing activities for their children during self-isolation.

Element of Play® at Home activities manual

Worldwide Orphans (WWO) created a learning at home activity manual with 20 activities to do in 20 minutes, targeted for children from 6 months-8 years of age with focus on supporting parent capacity to play with and support their child’s ongoing learning.

Making the first 1000 days count! Home Visiting Toolkit

This Toolkit has been developed in the context of the project ‘Making the first 1000 days count!’.

Tales on the phone

For young children a phone line has been activated: they can call the line every day from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.00 to listen to fairy tales in Italian and Romanes languages that have a Roma protagonist.

Resources to support psychosocial wellbeing, developed for refugee children, parents, and young people and for NGO workers

Refugee Trauma Initiative and our partners deliver Baytna - a trauma- and identity-informed model of Early Childhood Education for refugee children and their families living in Greece.

Date: 20-03-2020

Partnership aimed at scaling-up playful parenting

New partnership focuses on scaling-up quality services and promoting an exchange of knowledge on playful parenting.