Learning Together

The Learning Together project has created a network of 15 Centres for Peer Support, which provide a platform for mutual learning across institutions. This platform provides peer support across eight kindergartens and eight primary schools to help improve the competences of teachers, create practice-based resources for staff, and organize internships for educators.

Growing Together

The Growing Together project consisted of three parts: improving preschool education practices by using the ISSA Principles of Quality Pedagogy and parent and community involvement; building community and  partnerships at the primary school level, and parental education. The project's results were disseminated through Ministry of Education and other agencies.

Online learning support to Roma children in grades I to IV of primary school

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis in Serbia, the Group for Children and Youth INDIGO, developed a noteworthy practice aiming at providing on-line learning support to Roma children enrolled in grades I to IV at the “Sreten Mladenovic Mika” Primary School. The learning support is provided three times a week, for three hours. One educator, one mediator and five volunteers work with 49 children (each person has seven children maximum in his/her group).

Coping with new methods of teaching during COVID-19

This presentation shows how one early childhood educator managed to cope with the new method of teaching – online learning with Year 2 students. She explains how to make online learning a meaningful journey for her young students and their parents. It served as an example of good practice to early childhood educators in ECDAM.


Bridge Back to School

Bridge Back to School was created by the Irish National Autism Charity ‘AsIAm’ and education exper/researchers at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland, with the support of the supermarket chain SuperValu. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact society in unimaginable ways, with children identified as among a specific and vulnerable section of the population who have experienced the pandemic differently, notably from the removal of the stability in their lives that pre-school and school brings.

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual

The Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education is a ground-breaking manual which uses a permacultural lens to inspire child-friendly approaches to embed education for a sustainable future into preschool, kindergarten and primary school programs.

Children in Permaculture - Video

What is permaculture and why is it vital in the quest for ecological viability on planet earth? Why it should have a prominent role in education of the youngest? This short video offers a succinct glimpse of the vision that guided the “Children in Permaculture” project and effects it had on young children.

Trust Based Parenting

Trust Based Parenting is an educational material for professionals and para-professionals working with Romani communities, for Romani parents, grandparents and children at an early age. The material can be used for trainings, workshops and home visits. Content of the manual consists of  various topics connected with education for social justice, building the confidence of Romani parents and preparation of Romani children for primary education.

Summer Program Curricula

Summer Program curriculums contain different educational activities to be implemented with the children ages 6 - 12. Each curriculum has 4-5 weeks of planned activities.

Planned Activities for Cohesive Education (PACE)

The Planned Activities for Cohesive Education (PACE) program was initiated by Balkan Sunflowers Kosova in their learning centers. This program outline activities to be used with children within the national curriculum to improve their core competencies necessary to succeed in school and life. PACE incorporates science and literacy activities and technology based learning from the Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo"s Reading for Discovery and Learning Through Experiments project.