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Date: 13-04-2022

Advocacy efforts in Romania continue while war deepens inequities

To date, ISSA Member Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development (CEPD) has made enormous efforts to address the needs of refugee children and families entering Romania from Ukraine in various ways. The economic difficulties vulnerable families faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic are even more challenging to overcome as the war brings an energy crisis.

CEPD stresses that it is essential not to let current affairs detract from the importance of placing early childhood on the public agenda. The Ukrainian refugee crisis and the economic adversities created by the war might shift the interest of politicians to different funding priorities. However, civil society in Romania will push to address the well-being of the refugee children while not losing their focus on other vulnerable groups and the immense need for capacity building in crises. These issues should not compete with one another. Instead, they should remain part of one strong message to policymakers – all children should have the same opportunity for safe, healthy, and optimal development. 

Read more about the context in Romania, how CEPD has adapted their work and the importance of the First Years First Priority Campaign in their advocacy efforts on the Campaign website.

You can also hear more from Carmen Lica, Director of CEPD, in the recording of the ISSA Connects for Ukraine online event Responsive Solutions in Early Childhood: Learning Across Borders.

Photo courtesy of CEPD