Appreciating the otherness

ISSA’s programs on Embracing Diversity  


When: Tuesday, December 8th│10:00 - 11:30 CET



  The current situation with the COVID 19 pandemic deepened existing social inequalities and made them more visible. The general conditions affect the early childhood education and care system, denying some children and families access to quality services and the support they need to thrive.   

ISSA is dedicated to promoting anti-discrimination, anti-bias, and diversity inclusion in classrooms in communities, workplaces, and society. After fifteen years, a group of experts from  ISSA revisited ISSA’s Embracing Diversity programs to enrich them with new insights and learnings within the network.   

During this interactive session, we will present two updated programs:  Embracing Diversity - Creating Equitable Societies through Personal Transformation - A Training Program for Adults and Education for Diversity Toolkit: Program for Adults Working with and for Children. You will be invited to reflect on your own biases as well as the biases and oppressive practices in your communities. You will be given the opportunity to discuss the key concepts of education for diversity and social justice with your colleagues and to participate in selected exercises to explore the potential for change and transformation both on the personal and institutional levels.




Jelena Vranješević 

Jelena is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade where she teaches Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Education. Her fields of expertise are child development and the promotion of human and child rights through education for social justice and intercultural education. She is an author of four monographies and numerous papers and articles published in relevant journals and scientific conference proceedings. She co-authored and coordinated national and international projects on social justice/education for diversity, communication and conflict resolution, intercultural education, and child’s rights, and she also wrote reference books on these topics. She participated in research projects dealing with different aspects of improving the quality of education: parents’ participation in education, inclusive education, and teacher professional development. She is one of the coauthors of Embracing Diversity programs.



 Sanja Brajković

Sanja is Director at the Open Academy Step by Step in Croatia, an organization aiming to improve the quality of education for all children, especially the most vulnerable ones, by building and supporting professionalism in ECEC educators.  She is a psychologist interested in social justice education, professional learning communities, and formative assessment. She contributed to the development of the ISSA Quality Resource pack and of Embracing Diversity programs. She is a member of the ISSA Program Committee in her third term. Sanja is also the author of several manuals and brochures and a series of professional articles intended for educators.



Zorica Trikic

Zorica is Senior Program Manager in ISSA. As Sr. Program Manager, she is active in different ISSA initiatives, including Early Childhood Workforce Initiative, REYN, Embracing Diversity, Supporting Families for Nurturing Care, Children on the Move, etc. As a program and project manager, trainer, and NGO activist, she has more than 30 years of experience, with an intense focus on supporting synchronized and strategic efforts in programmatic, organizational, and political management to address systemic oppression, discrimination, and exclusion in early childhood systems. She is a passionate professional and advocates for more justice and inclusive environments for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children, families, and communities. She believes in educators as agents of change and she is co-author of different manuals, guidebooks, and programs supporting continuous professional development, including ISSA’s Quality Resource Pack and Embracing Diversity Programs.


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