Tatiana Moura (Coordinator), Ayça Alaylı, Patrícia Ferreira, Marta Mascarenhas, Maja Gergorić, Mihaela Ionescu, Valentina Longo
Published in:
Croatia, Portugal, Spain
Ayça Alaylı,

BE KINDER: unravelling paths to address gender stereotypes in education and early childhood

This book brings together some of the KINDER project’s key contributions to the construction of a transformative and gender-sensitive education. It offers a set of common learning experiences developed by the KINDER international partners, which must be shared as a starting point for policies and programmes aiming at integrating gender issues at an early age at national and European level.

The chapter, Positive gender socialisation at home and school for transformative change, was authored by the ISSA Secretariat's Progam Director, Dr. Mihaela Ionescu, and Junior Program Manager, Ayça Alaylı. It emphasizes the importance of positive gender socialization (PGS) beginning from early years for each child to develop holistically and reach their unique potential. The main aim of the chapter is to provide a deeper understanding on gender transformative approaches and the pathways of applying gender transformative methodolologies in parenting and education, to promote PGS. The chapter examines the concepts, but also provides practical recommendations for parents and practitioners.