Date: 12-02-2024

Center for Child Health and Development pilots an observational tool to promote responsive caregiving  

Parenting Interactions with Children: Checklist of Observations Linked to Outcomes (PICCOLO) is an internationally validated observational tool developed in 2013 by Roggman et al., for promoting responsive caregiving for children under six years and their families. ISSA Member, Centre for Child Health and Development (CSB) is utilizing the tool in their ‘Un Villaggio pre Crescere – A village to grow together’ project. 

As an NGO that works with parents to ensure the best developmental opportunities for all children, CSB uses PICCOLO to help caregivers understand their role in their child’s development and to improve their responsiveness. The tool is designed to evaluate developmental parenting, an approach that identifies caregivers’ interactions with their children as fundamental to their children’s developmental outcomes.  

CSB piloted PICCOLO through their ‘Un Villaggio pre Crescere – A village to grow together’ project. This initiative, established throughout economically, socially, and culturally disadvantaged communities in Italy, provides non-formal environments for parents and children to strengthen their bonds. The centers operate approximately 12 hours per week, offering space for families to engage in activities facilitated by early childhood educators. These activities, designed to be simple and replicable at home, encourage continuity in nurturing practices outside the center. 

CSB uses PICCOLO to evaluate the efficacy of the center’s activities on improving parent’s responsive caregiving behaviors as well as their perceived benefits. In 2023, they piloted the tool with 210 caregivers and their children aged 10 to 47 months. The process involved observing their video-recorded interactions, followed by two feedback sessions with parents. The approach aims to acknowledge and reinforce positive behaviors and build alliances with parents to improve their caregiving practices. 

While comprehensive results of this assessment are yet to be published, the initiative underscores CSB’s commitment to empowering parents. For further details on the ‘Un Villaggio pre Crescere – A village to grow together’ project, visit their webpage here.