Date: 20-12-2023

Complementing primary education with practical and Social-Emotional Learning activities in Kosovo

The Planned Activities for Cohesive Education (PACE) curriculum is designed to support the children who attend the learning centers of ISSA Member Balkan Sunflowers Kosova (BSFK). These centers were established in five municipalities in Kosovo since 2007 and have benefited 600 children, 60 percent of whom are under 10 years old.

In these learning centers, the BSFK team organize various activities including the 10-year running language and homework support program. However, the children’s progress in this service was hard to measure and that is why the PACE program was initiated and then improved in 2016.

This program is designed to complement the national curriculum of Kosovo and Serbia by providing practical learning exercises outside conventional classrooms for children in primary education level. PACE outlines learning outcomes that promote practical and hands-on activities that support children to engage with their classroom subject areas for grades one through six. Additionally, it incorporates the innovative component of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) that aims at helping, monitoring, and evaluating the children’s social-emotional learning.

The curriculum provides monthly themes with weekly sub-activities for one academic year. Each month features six subjects—Language & Communication, Mathematics, Social Emotional Learning, Natural Sciences, Society & Environment, and Arts—that contain concrete and measurable learning outcomes tailored to each grade.

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