Date: 07-08-2019

Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Building Community – Power of Human Connection

Why is the sense of belonging to the community so important? How does it affect the well-being of children, their development and learning? These and the other questions will be answered during the conference Building Community – Power of Human Connection which will be held on 22-25.08.2019 in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Around 320 participants will gather to learn and share experiences, and also feel their belonging to a large community of dedicated professionals where hard work is valued, ideas, thoughts and concerns are listened to carefully and power of human connection is valued. The most participants are coming from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and some other countries.

The aim of this year's conference is to raise awareness of the importance of building a school/kindergarten as a community for all its members, and to provide examples of activities and good practices that foster its development. 

Find more information about the conference here.