Date: 23-05-2019

Conference Highlights Early Education and the Professionals of the Future

Tags: Romania

Investment in the early years was recently promoted in Bucharest during an annual conference initiated four years ago by ISSA Member, Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development (CEDP), Ready Nation Romania and UNICEF. This year, the meeting brought together decision-makers, business leaders and early childhood experts to discuss the importance of investing in early childhood.

"Early childhood development is a complex issue. It does not belong to only one sector, which is why it is important to bring together actors - across sectors and borders - to actively engage in learning and working together to transform the lives of young children," says ISSA’s Executive Director, Liana Ghent who joined a panel discussion to stress the importance of partnerships which can create better results in the early childhood field. As an example, she highlighted the project Romania Grows With You; a collaboration between ISSA, CEDPUNICEF and the Jacobs Foundation

Conference Aim

The 4th edition of the "First 1000 Days of the Next 100 Years" conference outlined the idea that only the partnership of all those involved in supporting early education can bring remarkable results in this area. The participants agreed that joint action is needed and that in the exchange of knowledge and best practices can improve  initiatives dedicated to early childhood education and care.

Conference Theme

The conference provided a platform to discuss "Early Education and the Professionals of the Future" and facilitated dialogue between institutional decision-makers, specialists and business representatives seeking to identify ways to promote investment in early education, considering the need to prepare the young generation for the challenges that the short, medium and long-term labor market will bring.

See more on the conference on Facebook and learn more about the exciting work being done by Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development in Romania here.