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Разпространение на образователни пакети за спешна подкрепа
Trust for Social Achievement, Worldwide Orphans – Bulgaria (providing the emergency kits) Network of implementing NGOs at local level – “Znanie”-Lovech, Club of NGOs-Turgovishte, Health and Social Development Foundation – Sofia, New Road Assn.- Hayredin
Linka Toneva, ltoneva@tsa-bulgaria.org

Distribution of emergency educational kits for children in remote locations, enrolled in our alternative access to quality early education services, which were interrupted due to the pandemic

The Trust for Social Achievement Foundation – Bulgaria has been engaged since the onset of the pandemic in Bulgaria in searching for appropriate mechanisms to support the learning process for disadvantaged children, particularly those who face challenges to participate in the online distance learning, as well as those in remote or underserved locations for whom early learning and care programs were interrupted.

We have partnered with several business and with our network of partners from the local communities to provide equipment (laptops, PCs) for children in need. 
Additionally, we also try to focus on providing educational supplies and consumables for the youngest children in our alternative access initiatives – those are projects offering high quality play-based learning for children from disadvantaged communities, living in remote rural areas, with no direct ECEC service offered, esp. those aged 2-4 y. 

To meet the need of those children and families of basic educational supplies like pensils, colouring books, materials for home-based educational play, so as not to stop the advancement of children’s skills and learning, already achieved, TSA has been facilitating the shipment of such materials or directly providing and disseminating those. 

Our most noteworthy effort in this regard was in partnership with World Wide Orphans-Bulgaria, who initiated and provided supply of emergency educational kits, including basic food supplies and hygiene products, prepared the kits, facilitated the distribution. Our network of local partners coordinated the distribution with the local authorities and the community centers, involved in our project. 

Additionally, the local network regularly distributes materials and ideas for home-based educational play for parents to use and get inspiration from. The channel for this communication is social media groups and individual phone consultations. 

As a result, children and families were supplied with basic necessities for continuing the work for developing important socio-emotional and language skills during the months of interrupted access to the activities of the project.