Date: 02-09-2019

EDUCAS Project shows the promise of a holistic approach in ECEC

Tags: children, Belgium

Interesting observations were highlighted during four focus groups carried out between the two centers in Belgium. The groups, organized under the EDUCAS Project, included early childhood education and care (ECEC) staff, as well as parents of the children attending the centers. The Consortium recently released the results from Belgium.

The value of a holistic approach

Both parents and professionals underlined the importance of creating a ‘calm, cozy, homely and safe environment’. Additionally, parents clearly recognized the importance of learning in these environments, but many of their worries or concerns were connected to the caring aspect of the work done at these centers. In some cases, families expressed a lack of information about what happens in the service/school, which brought researchers and ECEC staff to reflect about how to inform and share with parents the daily life of the service/school.

Overall, focus groups in Belgium highlighted the importance of intertwining ‘education’ and ‘care’ –giving them the same value, within a holistic approach.

Learn more about the focus groups conducted in Belgium, Lithuania and Italy here. Read the full summary from the focus groups here.

Photo Credit: ©Caroline Boudry