Trikic, Vranjesevic, Tankersley, Brajkovic
Published in:
ISSA - International Step by Step Association
The Netherlands
Zorica Trikic,

Embracing Diversity. Creating Equitable Societies Through Personal Transformation. Program for Adults, Training Manual

Embracing Diversity Training program for adults promotes the values of anti-discrimination, anti-bias, equity and respect for diversity in different settings: in communities, at the workplace, and in society. Embracing Diversity guides participants through a process of personal transformation, which helps them to become agents of change towards inclusive and social cohesive societies.

During the training, participants get theoretical overview and knowledge about most relevant concepts related to diversity, interculturalism, equity and social justice and they also build critical consciousness trough naming reality, giving voice to those who are usually silenced and by building alliances. The program consists of well-elaborated theoretical part, guidelines for reflection and 25 training sessions. Additional materials and resources listed can serve for adaptation of the program to meet the needs of diverse participants and specificity of different contexts.