Tsveta Nedeva
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For Our Children Foundation
Dilyana Maneva

Emerging Needs of Parents of Children in Early Age under Uncertainty

The COVID crisis and its effect has put families with children under a lot of stress. This is especially true for those families that were already experiencing difficulties or were at risk.

In this new and turbulent situation, we as service providers are aware that the pressure can seem overwhelming and being a good parent might seem unfeasible. This prompted us to conduct an emergency survey of the immediate and prospective needs of parents. We targeted both our clients and a wider sample of parents. The aim was to inform the delivery of our services so that they are as effective as possible in this fast changing situation.

Social service requires a close relationship of trust, which might be challenging both for professionals and for parents during social distancing. As a result, from the survey we created a report that analyzes the needs of the respondents and an infographic that summarizes our findings. Our “Emergency Family Support Program” was informed by the results.

The resources might be useful for service providers who have to adapt their social services in order to be able to be functional and at the same time follow the anti-pandemic guidelines and protect the health of their clients and staff. The situation requires us to be proactive and have the knowledge and evidence to provide adequate support and stay on top of the crisis.