Date: 13-12-2023

Engaging Men in Nurturing Care: a new initiative promotes gender-equitable caregiving in Europe

The Engaging Men in Nurturing Care (EMiNC) initiative is working to transform caregiving norms across Europe, ensuring equal recognition for men and women as capable caregivers. It confronts the existing gender gap where women shoulder more unpaid caregiving responsibilities and are undervalued in early childhood education. This disparity perpetuates harmful stereotypes and obstructs efforts to combat violence against women and children.

Launched in March 2023, EMiNC operates at EU and city levels in Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The consortium comprises of the Observatory of Masculinities – Center of Social Studies (CES) in Portugal, Centro per la Salute del Bambino - Centre for Child Health (CSB) in Italy, CONEXUS and the Barcelona City Council, Office for Feminism and LGBTI Affairs in Spain, and ISSA.

The initiative aims to encourage positive masculinity, involve fathers in caregiving, and promote gender equality in supporting children’s development. By gathering existing and new evidence on men's caregiving involvement and forging partnerships, EMiNC empowers early childhood workers, fathers, and community leaders. The goal is to effect change in households, early childhood services, and communities while advocating for father involvement in early childhood and gender-equitable caregiving policies at national and EU levels.

EMiNC seeks to dismantle outdated gender norms and foster a more inclusive caregiving landscape across Europe and aims to influence policies at the national and EU levels to promote gender equality in caregiving and father involvement in early childhood.

This year, partners in this consortium have begun to collect positive examples for a compendium of best practices. Stay tuned for more from the initiative in 2024, follow the initiative’s work.