Natalia Sofiy, Yulia Naida, with the support of UNICEF
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Середовище, що належить дітям. Порадник для педегогів
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Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation
Yulia Naida,,

Environment that belongs to children: Teacher manual

The guidebook “Environment that Belongs to Children” focuses on creating an inclusive learning environment which many researchers call a “third teacher”, after parents and educators. The first things most people think of when discussing learning environments are the furniture, toys, and equipment. However, the social environment is as important as the physical one. The social environment refers to and includes the quality of interaction between an educator, children, and parents, and between children themselves, as well as the extent to which the learning environment contributes to the development of values, sense of responsibility, and respect towards diversity.

It is for this reason that the publication is not just about arranging a physical environment that would facilitate the development of inclusive values, but also about the strategies of forming quality social interactions founded on respect to every participant in the learning process.

The guidebook “Environment that Belongs to Children" is intended for educators who work preschool settings, lecturers in training institutions, parents, and everyone else who has an interest in the topic of creating an effective learning environment that would support the implementation of inclusive education principles.