Poroshenko, M.
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Інклюзивна освіта
Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation
Natalia Sofiy,

Inclusive Education

The manual “Inclusive Education” describes the conceptual principles of inclusive education, international and national legislation in a field of inclusive education, experience of inclusive education implementing in other countries, public-state governance of inclusive education. The special emphasis is put on the education of children with special needs in the system of general education. The manual is also aimed to provide practical information for teachers working in the inclusive educational environment. The manual includes glossary, practical tasks for experienced and future teachers.

The main purpose of the resource is to equip teacher trainers working in the pre-service and in-service teacher training institutes, other organizations with necessary information, practical recommendations and examples of activities they can conduct in the process of teachers` training and professional development.

The main issues, which are addressed by the manual, are the following: the concept of inclusive education, its objectives and main principles; the system of governance of inclusive education, including characteristics of the schools for children with special needs; introduction of International Classification of Functioning (ICF) as an instrument to identify additional support needs; universal design in education; psychological-pedagogical support of children with special needs within educational inclusive environment; individual educational program (IEP) and assessment in inclusive classrooms.

This is very useful resource for those who work with teachers in the system of pre-service and in-service teachers` training. In addition to useful theoretical information, it provides the examples of the tasks teachers can implement during the training activities and out of the training rooms. The following issues make this resource innovative and inspiring: introduction of inclusive education in the wider context of its understanding based on rights based approach, considering strengths of every child, his/her additional needs to provide equal access to quality education to every child.