Margaret Kernan and Giulia Cortellesi (Editors)
Published in:
International Child Development Initiatives ICDI
the Netherlands
Giulia Cortellesi,

Intergenerational Learning in Practice: Together Old & Young

Based on innovative global practice, Intergenerational Learning in Practice presents a unique contribution to the field of intergenerational learning. Drawing on the Together Old and Young (TOY) programme, this book provides a comprehensive background to intergenerational learning, along with tools and resources to help develop and improve your own intergenerational practice.

Experienced international authors from Europe, North America and Australia provide a broad array of perspectives on intergenerational learning, ranging from pedagogy to planning and community development, and cover topics including:

• The context, theory and existing research behind intergenerational learning
• The changing relationships between young children and older adults
• Building communities and services for all ages
• Managing everyday encounters in public spaces between young and old
• Ensuring quality in intergenerational practice
• Insights on how intergenerational learning challenges discrimination

Intergenerational Learning in Practice is a valuable resource for practitioners and leaders in Early Childhood Education and Care and those working in primary schools, as well as professionals caring for older adults, and those working in community development.