Date: 15-05-2020

Shining a light on the family in times of crisis

This year, International Families Day looks very different. We use today to thank them for being a source of support for one another, and the children in their lives. 
Families are dealing with new norms during the current crisis – physically distancing from loved ones, caring for out-of-school children, and, at the same time, continuing their work duties. We do not have a clear picture yet about how the crisis and mitigation measures affect families and their children; not only in the short-term but especially in the long-term.

While adjusting to unique challenges, family interactions have been sustaining and supporting us during this crisis. The crisis shines a light on the importance of the family. It is also showing us the weaknesses in, or altogether lack of, systems set up support families – especially the vulnerable.

During times of crisis, inequities intensify making it all the more necessary to support vulnerable families – including Roma, migrants and refugees, children with special needs, and families living in extreme poverty.

On May 19th, ISSA and the Bernard van Leer Foundation will host a webinar to discuss the major challenges that the COVID-19 crisis poses to families, as well as how international agencies, grassroots organizations, and city governments have responded with universal, holistic, intersectoral and integrated interventions.

Register for the webinar here.