Date: 02-05-2019

INTERVIEW - Dominique Hudicourt on the ISSA Conference

Dominique Hudicourt, director of TIPA TIPA Foundation in Haiti, rarely skips an ISSA Conference. Too many benefits to miss, so she lets us know as we close in on ISSA Conference 2019.

Q: Dominique, what are your main take-aways from an ISSA Conference?

A: ‘I attend the Conference almost every year. I look forward to meet directors of Step-by-Step organizations from other countries as it encourages me to go on. At the previous conference, in Ghent in 2017, I've listened to the latest research on early childhood development. For me the main take-aways are knowing what's being done on research and work around the world. It is how I keep up with novelties in my profession.’

‘Networking means that I don't feel isolated. I can bounce my work off of peers. I can discuss challenges with colleagues and ask what they think about it. In return, I listen to them and very often we have shared issues that we can tackle together.’

Q: What does ISSA mean to you?

A: ISSA is like a back-up system, a support-group. Being part of it I can access a lot of useful resources and materials. When needed, I can also ask for experts to help me in Haiti. I had people coming to Haiti to help with or join specific activities. I can truly say that ISSA widens my action radius and gives me more expertise.

You can register for this year’s ISSA Conference here. 

Not sure, yet? Get in touch to ask a question. And, stay tuned. We’ll be sharing more details on what your peers have prepared for you during all the parallel sessions and plenaries!


Dominique Hudicourt is the Executive Director of Foundation TIPA TIPA, in English, Step-by-Step Foundation in Haiti. She says her job is “to be the voice of early childhood development in my country. That's what I feel most strongly about.”

ISSA member, Foundation TIPA TIPA, advocates for quality early childhood services and organizes teacher trainings. You can learn more about their focus areas here.