InTrans consortium
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VBJK, University of Ghent (Centre for Diversity and Learning and Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy), University of Bologna, Tampere University, ERI, BUPL
Nima Sharmahd,

InTrans General Framework: What are Warm and Inclusive Transitional Inclusive Practices Across the Early Years

The InTrans project aims at influencing the systemic conditions needed in order to disseminate and implement good transitional practices on a wider scale. The ultimate goal is to ensure that more children and families, especially the most vulnerable ones, can benefit from transitional warm and inclusive practices.

More specifically, this Erasmus+ project aims at disseminating at policy and training level the ‘lesson learned’ from other approaches/projects/researches developed by the partners.

For our consortium it is important that we keep on discussing what are aspects of good transitional practices in terms of being warm and inclusive for a diversity of children, families and local communities. For this purpose, we have started to develop an overall open framework that serves as a working document that all partners can change, add, work with throughout the project period. This overall framework which is a draft and will be updated along the duration of the project, is based on theoretical insights on transitions and on already developed existing (but rather ad hoc) practices in our countries that make a difference for children and families.