Date: 23-06-2021

ISSA Members are at the Forefront of Innovations in the Early Years Sector in Europe

The European Commission’s ECEC webinar “Working with families and the whole community” last week highlighted 7 initiatives from across Europe. ISSA or ISSA Members have been actively engaged in each of them.

VBJK and were involved in the START Project.

VBJK, Center for Innovative Education and ISSA make the EDUCAS initiative possible.

The TOY for Inclusion project brought together over the years: International Child Development Initiatives, ISSA, Wide Open School, Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education, Center for Education Initiatives, VBJK, Partners Hungary Foundation, Open Academy Step by Step, Association 21 July, Eearly Childhood Research Center at Dublin City University.

European Campaign for Prioritizing Early Childhood Development in Europe, with ISSA, Trust for Social Achievement Foundation, For Our Children Foundation, Ensemble for Early Childhood Education and Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development as partners.

ISSA was a partner in the Inclusive Education and Social Support to Tackle Inequalities in Societies (ISOTIS) initiative. ISSA, VBJK, Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education and Learning for Well-being Foundation worked together on INTESYS, and Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education was active in EQUAP.

Altogether, 15 ISSA Members have been part of the consortia behind these initiatives, and this makes us very proud! ISSA Members are at the forefront of innovations in the early years sector across Europe.



The webinar “Working with families and the whole community” is part of the series ‘Early childhood education and care in Europe’, initiated by Commissioner Gabriel at the launch event on 3 March 2021. It discussed how ECEC staff can efficiently work with families and the whole community to ensure that provision of education and care to young children is inclusive and of high quality.