Date: 28-09-2023

The ISSA Network Consults on a Framework for Continuous Professional Development Providers

The ISSA Network Consults on a Framework for Continuous Professional Development Providers

Recognizing the immense knowledge and expertise in the ISSA Network, the PIQET project consortium convened ISSA Members and partners during ISSA Connects for Learning 2023 to delve into the components of a robust quality framework for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) providers.

The PIQET partners provided a clear definition of CPD and underscored its ongoing nature to ensure professionals remain adept, updated, and engaged in the field. An analysis presented during the session highlighted existing practices in the recruitment and professional development of CPD educators, revealing varied selection methods and an emphasis on continuous support for CPD educators.

The consortium aims to establish a set of principles for the high-quality CPD of CPD educators and a mutual understanding of its importance at both an individual level (for the educators) and an organizational level. To facilitate discussions, partners presented a draft of PIQET’s quality principles during the workshop. Each principle includes:

  • A Quality Statement: a clear definition,
  • Indicators: concrete ways to demonstrate adherence,
  • Examples: practical insights into how each principle can be applied in real-life situations, and
  • Reflective Questions: questions that encourage CPD educators to critically assess their practices and identify areas for improvement.

During the workshop, group activities and discussions were geared towards refining these principles and exploring the nuances of ensuring quality in CPD opportunities, thereby bolstering the capacities of ECEC staff and, by extension, enriching educational experiences for children, particularly the most vulnerable.

ISSA Members Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education, based at the Educational Research Institute in Slovenia and Open Academy Step by Step in Croatia work alongside the ISSA Secretariat in the PIQET project. More is coming from the consortium; you can follow their work on the PIQET page.

Are you an ISSA Member? You may access the recording of the full session and the presentation slides. Please write to if you work for an ISSA member organization and are unable to access the session materials via the event page.

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