Date: 06-04-2021

New Flemish ECEC Magazine is Launched by the ISSA Member

ISSA Member VBJK is launching the new Flemish magazine on ECEC Kindertijd (which means ‘childhood’ in Dutch). The first issue of the magazine will be published in the fall of 2021. That means that VBJK will end the collaboration with the Dutch magazine KIDDO in June.

“Childcare and education in Flanders and The Netherlands are becoming more and more different worlds, so it is difficult to make a mutual magazine for both countries. That is why we have started the new Flemish magazine Kindertijd – a word with a lot of positive connotations, because who does not like to look back at his or her own childhood?” says Wouter Bulckaert, editor in chief of the new magazine, and communications officer of VBJK. “The new magazine will be more interesting for Flemish readers, because it is focused entirely on ECEC in Flanders. In Kindertijd we will cover good practices and new trends in ECEC. The magazine will show what happens on-the-job, without shying away from larger in-depth articles about new ECEC research and policy.”

Kindertijd will be a magazine aimed and made by ECEC professionals: people who work with young children, mainly in pre-school and after-school childcare, but also in kindergarten. Kindertijd will inform, inspire and innovate. The magazine aims to strengthen and appreciate ECEC professionals in an accessible, connecting and positive way.