Learn the Secrets of Great Digital Storytelling



When: Wednesday, December 9th│13:00 - 15:00 CET




Children need and love stories, we know that. But adults need them too. And good communication in fundraising, campaigning, information sharing, and engagement with members needs good storytelling. A powerfully constructed story will help make your message more compelling, easier to remember, and increase sharing.  And if you want to share it widely, you need to understand what digital is, how it works, and why it is critical right now!

In this dynamic session, Liz Ngonzi and Bernard Ross will share the secrets of great storytelling and then how to make this message come alive in your digital channels which include emails, social media, and your website.

The session will cover:

  • The secret formula for designing and developing a story
  • Four basic story frameworks that identify audience needs
  • Why digital is critical for you to embrace now
  • The limitations and advantages of different channels
  • How to make digital work for your audience 

With this session, you also get handouts and guides to help you dramatically improve your approach.




Liz Ngonzi, MMH | Founder / Executive Director, The International Social Impact InstituteTM, City University of New York

Liz is a New York City-based international speaker, educator, executive coach and consultant who enables nonprofits and social impact-driven leaders to increase their impact by more effectively telling their brand stories and engaging stakeholders across channels and geographies.  She has delivered courses and training to thousands of professionals from organizations on six continents.  Her clients have included academic institutions, associations, human rights and youth development organizations, and multilateral agencies.  She recently founded the International Social Impact InstituteTM, City University of New York.  The Institute aims to develop nimble, focused, creative and well-networked change makers to help guide the global social sector forward; to enhance the access of nonprofits and social enterprises from under-resourced communities around the world, to the kinds of resources, knowledge and networks that will enable them to rebound from the setbacks they have recently experienced; and to facilitate collaboration across sectors and geographies and with participants whose voices have previously been missing from the development of social impact solutions.Liz previously served as the turnaround CEO of the North America representative of a Nelson Mandela-endorsed and South Africa-based youth development organization. 

Website: LizNgonzi.com | Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram: @LizNgonzi



Bernard Ross, Director, =mc consulting, a management consultancy working worldwide for ethical organisations

He has written six award-winning books on a range of topics including social entrepreneurship, strategy, fundraising, and social change. His most recent, with Omar Mahmoud, Head of Global Knowledge at UNICEF International, is Change for Good - behavioural economics for a better world.

He has advised many of the world’s leading INGOs on strategy, including UNICEF, UNHCR, IFRC, ICRC, and MSF.  As a fundraiser, he’s raised money to refurbish France’s most famous monument, for a museum to house the world’s largest dinosaur in Argentina, and to save the last 800 great apes in Africa.

As a social entrepreneur, he has helped develop social projects and businesses in the UK, USA, South America and Africa on issues as diverse as providing low-cost water and sanitation, helping theatres train business people in communication, reducing carbon emissions in farming, and scaling lo-cost medical inventions.

Website: www.managementcentre.co.uk Twitter @bernardrossmc


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