Learn the Secrets of Great Fundraising

Wednesday, December 9th│
13:00 - 15:00 CET

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More than ever you need to raise funds to support your work. Sadly, government and institutional funds are shrinking.  So now is the time to build up resilience and independence with private funds - foundations, corporate giving and individuals.

In this packed session you’ll hear from real on-the-ground practitioners at ISSA member organizations Amurtel and the Center for Education and Professional Development. Both based in Romania, these organizations have successfully raised funds in their country and wider from companies and individuals. They’ll be joined by Bernard Ross, director of -=mc consulting. Bernard will offer you insights on how to craft a strategy and apply the latest principles in psychology to your fundraising.

The session will cover:

  • Key principles in private fundraising
  • Creating an overall strategy
  • CEPD Romania: a corporate case study
  • Amurtel Romania: an online fundraising case study
  • Creating Powerful Fundraising Propositions

When you attend this session, you will also receive handouts and ‘how to…’ guides on how to improve your fundraising.


Bernard Ross, Director, =mc consulting, a management consultancy working worldwide for ethical organisations. 

He has written six award-winning books on a range of topics including social entrepreneurship, strategy, fundraising, and social change. His most recent, with Omar Mahmoud, Head of Global Knowledge at UNICEF International, is Change for Good - behavioural economics for a better world.

He has advised many of the world’s leading INGOs on strategy, including UNICEF, UNHCR, IFRC, ICRC, and MSF.  As a fundraiser, he’s raised money to refurbish France’s most famous monument, for a museum to house the world’s largest dinosaur in Argentina, and to save the last 800 great apes in Africa.

As a social entrepreneur, he has helped develop social projects and businesses in the UK, USA, South America and Africa on issues as diverse as providing low-cost water and sanitation, helping theatres train business people in communication, reducing carbon emissions in farming, and scaling lo-cost medical inventions.

Website: www.managementcentre.co.uk Twitter @bernardrossmc

 Carmen Lica, Director of Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development and Founding Member of ReadyNation Romania

Carmen has led CEDP for the last 20 years in its mission to introduce the most innovative educational practices in ECEC and school level in Romania. Recognized as an expert, Carmen was at the heart of the development and implementation of the first child-centered educational alternative – Step by Step methodology- at the national level, contributing to the national reform process and shaping the ECEC agenda in education.  Carmen is also known for the introduction of the FasTracKids Program, the first ICT program that supports children’s learning and development of competencies and life-skills.  Website: www.stepbystep.ro


Sorin Dragomir, Communications and Development Director for Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development, Romania

Sorin has over 20 years’ experience in journalism and management. After working several years in local radio and tv, he founded a local radio station, worked as a producer for the Romanian Section of BBC World Service and, for ten years, managed the Newsroom of the main national private radio network, Europa FM - Lagardere.  Sorin joined the Step by Step Team as a consultant for corporate communications, but now he passionately works in developing out-of-the-box education projects and shaping the new and engaging image of Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development. 

Twitter: @SorinDragomir 

Didi Ananda Devapriya, President, AMURTEL and Neohumanist Education Association, Romania

Didi A.Devapriya is the president of two NGOs in Romania - AMURTEL Romania, which offers a caring home to neglected and abused children, and Neohumanist Education Association, which focuses on educational innovation and training.  She was born in the US, but has been working in Romania since 2005. After participating in Bernard Ross’s fundraising seminars organized by ISSA earlier, Didi put the lessons learned into practice and saw a dramatic improvement in the effectiveness of AMURTEL’s communications about its child sponsorship program. She has also applied the same insights to help colleagues in Beirut launch a crowdfunding campaign for emergency aid after the blast which attracted 10,000 + euros in immediate donations, and catalyzed larger donor organizations to continue the funding with another 50,000 euros.  

Website: www.amurtel.ro

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