Date: 28-09-2023

Lecture: the power and potential of a network to create impact for young children

Workshop: the power and potential of a network to create impact for young children 

Members convened for a thoughtful and enriching workshop during ISSA Connects for Learning 2023 to continue a discourse on the challenges and solutions associated with engaging in network activities in the early childhood development field.

In this session, participants embarked on a journey exploring several dilemmas:

  • Advocating for the critical necessity of networks
  • Harmonizing between individual or organizational interests and the communal goals of a network
  • Identifying and bolstering leadership and its equitable distribution within a network
  • Safeguarding network efficiency and sustaining member engagement


“You cannot work in this field without connecting with other people, because the problem is bigger than us or than any other organization. The question of networks is, what can we do together that none of us can do by ourselves?”

Matthew Spence, Converge


This session was the second in a two-part series exploring the challenges and queries voiced by members of the ISSA Network. The aim was to facilitate a thorough dialogue, empowering ISSA Members with comprehensive insights into the dynamics of network formations and operations to better leverage the advantageous aspects of networks.

Are you an ISSA Member? You may access the recording of the full session and the presentation slides. Please write to if you work for an ISSA member organization and are unable to access the session materials via the event page.

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