Date: 12-08-2019

Meet ISSA New Member: Early Childhood Development Association of Malta

Tags: children

ISSA’s new member – a registered voluntary organization Early Childhood Development Association of Malta (ECDAM) – aims to strengthen the knowledge, skills and abilities of all those involved in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and to ensure a high-quality program for all young children.

Growing and flourishing

The organization sets up nine monthly seminars within one scholastic year. During these seminars, local and international experts in the field deliver presentations and workshops contributing towards the continuous professional development of all stakeholders, including families, in the early years’ sector.

Besides, the association strives to raise awareness of children’s role in society and to facilitate the implementation of children’s rights among educators, families and the community at large. Recently, the association has been growing and its membership has flourished.

ECDAM committee members are willing to share their expertise and practice from the local ECEC context with the other ISSA members. Moreover, they offer collaboration and support with other organizations with regards to future events concerning ECEC.

Plans and challenges

In the future, Early Childhood Development Association of Malta would like to establish more effective and efficient service. Due to the rapid increase in their membership, the organization feels the need to be more efficient with their registration process. Meanwhile, it is not possible due to the limited funds. ECDAM would also like to offer their members more enriching opportunities by inviting local and international speakers. Besides, ECDAM wishes to reach out to a wider population. Due to lack of funds, currently, the organization is not reaching all those interested in attending ECDAM’s sessions. Having additional support and suggestions from other organizations will help to provide alternative opportunities. Eventually, ECDAM aspires to extend its services on an international level.

Learning from ISSA members

ECDAM committee members would like to learn from the experience of other organizations and members of ISSA. They are looking to learn about the way other members deal with and organize events or any other activity in their country. Perhaps, some ISSA members can share with ECDAM their experiences and challenges when it comes to reaching out to a wider audience following a rapid expansion of members. “Let’s keep working hand in hand and acting in the best interest of all young children,” Early Childhood Development Association of Malta colleagues say, entering ISSA’s membership.