Date: 01-05-2020

In memoriam Ruzanna Tsarukyan, Director of Step by Step Benevolent Foundation

With great sadness, we share the news that a beloved and treasured member of our network, Ruzanna Tsarukyan, the Director of the Step by Step Benevolent Foundation in Armenia has passed away on 30 April 2020.

Ruzanna was a dedicated professional, who served as the Director of the Step by Step Benevolent Foundation and contributed to the ISSA network for 20 years. 

We remember her dearly as a professional of many talents and an inspiring leader. She has led efforts of curriculum development and the creation of educational and quality standards in Armenia. Ruzanna had big dreams for all children in Armenia, she dedicated years of hard work to supporting preschool and school teachers and communities and reforming the educational system. With her team, she was always on the frontline fighting for the equity, inclusion, empowerment, and participation of parents. She will be greatly missed and we take solace in our belief that there are many whom she has mentored who will tirelessly continue her work. 

She was a wonderful person, kind, warm, caring, and with a great sense of humor. She was an anchor and a safe haven for her friends and colleagues. Here at ISSA we will miss her and cherish her memory.  She was always there for all of us, as a member of the ISSA Board, of the Program Committee, and different working groups – hard working and dedicated. We treasure her memory as a wise and dear friend.

Our thoughts are with her family, friends, and colleagues.