Date: 17-03-2020

Message from the ISSA Secretariat on COVID-19

As communities and governments around the world are putting all their efforts to contain the spread and the impact of COVID-19, ISSA is working to support and bring our community of professionals closer together across Europe and Central Asia.

As organizations and professionals, we know that ISSA Members are on the frontlines of the efforts to protect the wellbeing of young children and their families. We are making a concerted effort to support all our Member organizations – and everyone working for them and with them –to address the current difficulties.

This is an unprecedented and fast-evolving situation. We believe in the power of our Network to use its expertise with creative approaches to support families and communities of professionals in their countries and globally.

We are especially concerned with the burden placed on families and communities, especially the most vulnerable, as we move into a period of increased uncertainty at all levels. We aim to act in solidarity with Member organizations and partners in our Network to share relevant solutions and resources for families and for professionals. We are in constant contact with networks from other continents and international organizations working on this urgent issue, to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and resources that the wide global ECD community can offer to best support children, families and professionals. 

Visit our website at and search ISSA on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.  

Now is a time to come together as a community. We call on our Network of members and partners to join forces so that together we rise to these challenging times, to reduce as much as we can the adverse impact on all young children and their families.