Date: 02-06-2022

The Network Impact: #ISSAConnects for Ukraine

The impact of networks is evident in ISSA's work to connect and support organizations responding to the extensive needs created by the war in Ukraine. In challenging times, networks provide access to critical knowledge, invaluable partnerships, and, most importantly, a robust support system. The invisible ties that hold our network together have become even stronger over the last months.

ISSA has developed a moving video, "A Network in Action for the Families and Young Children of Ukraine." It highlights our Members' vital support for children and families affected by the war through, among other activities, the distribution of humanitarian aid, provision of psycho-social support, and transfer of information in Ukraine and countries receiving refugees.

In mid-May, ISSA's Director, Liana Ghent, premiered the video at the World Forum on Early Care and Education in Orlando, Florida. Watch the video to hear firsthand how ISSA Members have mobilized and follow our communications channels to find out more about their work on the ground.